Tickets for The Geeky Kink Event IV: Wherein We Tie People To a Giant Robot – For Real are now on sale!

You can get them through our reliable, kink-friendly registrar RIGHT NOW!  Get tickets here!  Don’t miss out!

Please note that, for security purposes, each registration needs an individual identity.  This means you can’t buy multiple tickets at once.  You can, however, buy tasty dinners, and we hope that makes up for it!

You can also check out some of our other events, like The Steampunk World’s Fair, the world’s largest festival of Steampunk and other awesome geeky things!

The Geeky Kink Event IV is at:

The Radisson of Piscataway
21 Kingsbridge Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ ‎
(732) 980-0400; rooms are $105/night!
Please call the hotel and mention the GKE to reserve a room at this price!

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In order to insure that we fulfill our hotel requirements and are able to maintain the hotel as a private space, all hotel rooms will be authorized for one night’s stay about a week before the event.

And we’ll mention it again, for good luck – Perhaps you might like to check out some of our other events, like the world’s largest Steampunk event, The Steampunk World’s Fair (all ages) or The Wicked Faire (ages 16 and up). They’re not kink events, but they’re enormously geeky fun (and Wicked Faire is notably kink-friendly.)