Registration ending soon!!!


Registration for the event ENDS on October 31st at 11:59pm! That’s only TWO WEEKS AWAY!

After that, you will no longer be able to register for the event or any of the tantalizing catered events and you’ll miss out on all the amazing, geeky, kinky, wonderful things we’ve planned….just for YOU!

What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!!!

Behold, the Schedule!


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This year’s schedule is packed to the gills! And while there are a few more things in the works, we wanted to release everything that’s been confirmed so far so you can start planning all your madcap geeky merriment!

NOTE: The version will be up shortly and you’ll be able to sync to your calendars and do all kinds of nifty things with that!

View the schedule by clicking here!

Houston, we have Pervs galore!


Announcing our Perv of Honor: Laura Antoniou!


And our Perv of Awesome: TheFerrett!


And our Perv Laureate: Cecilia Tan!

Check out our Workshops page for more details!

Nom upon tasty, geeky things!

Welcome to The Geeky Kink Event! If you’re new ’round these parts, you can find out more about us over on our About Us page.

This year we have two delectable offerings for you to nom upon! Feast your peepers on these and memberships are on sale now on our registration page!

Eating Candy Off Of Naked People: $21 per person

“I have one metric fuckton of candy.” ― Brent Black​

GKEClassic-EatingCandy - Edited

You may’ve heard of eating sushi off a volunteer human table. It’s often in very formal settings, sometimes as part of rather fancy events. And while we love sushi, we also REALLY love candy… (do you see where we’re going with this…?) That’s right! We get to choose what we eat off of other folks and we chose candy again! It was a great hit (pun intended) last year and it’s affordable, fun, and fits the playful nature of our event rather perfectly. And…y’know…WE JUST WANTED AN EXCUSE TO EAT A LOT OF CANDY. Given that we’re adults, we can do just that; come join us!

Brainy Build-Your-Own Buffet- (w/ a Side of Burlesque!): $45 per person

“I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food.”
- Sarah Michelle Gellar

Build Your Own Buffet – We’re special ordering gourmet burgers (beef, veggie, and turkey), hot dogs, mashed pototatoes, and burgers, and we’re going to serve them with a MASSIVE fixin’s bar, full of tons of delicious things to pour atop your meal.  The permutations are endless!  (Okay, not literally endless, but Jeff Mach is really bad at math, so he can’t actually tell you how many permutations there’ll be.  “Lots,” he says.)

The most famed and beloved acts by this famed and beloved burlesque troupe – The Ink & Paint Club Burlesque! See performances and acts not seen anywhere else at the event and nom upon food how YOU want it. Start with the basics of juicy burgers (beef and veggie), tacos, hot dogs, and mashed potatoes and add all kinds of things from our MASSIVE fixin’s buffet. Oh, the cheese! Oh, the bacon! Oh, the…everything! Oh, the delicious! Soft drinks also provided to wash down your delightful creations. There will also be special brainy guests in addition to the dinner burlesque show!

Memberships Are Now Available!

crowley-and-aziraphale - by Sarah Linde

This is “Crowley and Aziraphale”, by Sarah Linde, based on characters in “Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Presumably, both of them are hanging out and relaxing while they wait for GKE to come around.


Memberships to the world’s greatest geeky kink event are NOW available!  Remember, this event DOES sell out and DOES hit its attendance cap–NO memberships will be sold at the door.

Memberships are on our famous sliding scale of $50 or $70 – pay what YOU fell you can afford!  We trust you.

You can get memberships right on our memberships page!

To stay at our hotel, The Radisson of Piscataway, just be sure to call them (don’t use their website) at 732-980-0400, and DO tell them it’s for “GKE” or “The Geeky Kink Event” – if you don’t mention the event, they’ll tell you the hotel is sold out!

New shibari book by last year’s Nerdvert of Honor – Help!

Lee Harrington, Nerdvert of Honor for GKE Classic 2013, has a new shibari book and needs your help to fund it! More Shibari You Can Use: Passionate Rope Bondage and Intimate Connection features gorgeous full color photos by friend of GKE, RiggerJay!

Real people of various sizes, genders, orientations, and relationship styles (like poly!) are all represented in the book. There are also some nerdy pics (including Lee tying up a chair) and people untying each other and having fun.

Take a look at the indiegogo link here, which ends 2/10/2014:

GKE: New England bonus!

When you contribute at or higher than the $25 level, and the the fundraiser goes above the 40k mark, you’ll get a 10% off membership code to GKE: New England.

In Lee’s own words:
“I really want to get this book out into the world because we need books not just about the “how-to” of bondage (which the book has a lot of), but the *why* of bondage. Readers will get a chance to connect more with their partners through a variety of exercises that explore touch, sensual dominance and submission, intimacy and trust. The book also brings some more intermediate techniques for those ready for a challenge, broken down into clear picture-by-picture directions for new and experienced riggers alike (ranging from Texas handcuffs up to head cages and reverse box ties).

I’m also a fan, like yourself, of sexy models of all sizes, ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds. By breaking the mold away from a world that says only a small demographic of individuals can have a sexually adventurous life, the clear step-by-step material in “More Shibari” will be bringing easy opportunities for fun and artistic play to a broader audience. Which is about bloody time, right?”

Thank you for an amazing GKE III!


We hope to see you again at GKE New England (August 15-17, the Sheraton of Warwick, RI) – and at GKE Classic III: Wherein We Tie You To A Giant Robot – that’ll be .(Nov. 7th-9th, 2014, back at the Radisson)!  Hotel rooms are now available for GKENE – you can get them

at!  Get ‘em before they run out!  You can get hotel rooms for GKE Classic by calling 732-980-0400!

Also, the presenter application is up!  Do you have something geeky, kinky, and awesome you’d like to present on at GKE?  Fill out the application here:

You should definitely join the conversation!  And you can find us online at!

Finally, come see us in May at the world’s largest Steampunk event,

The Steampunk World’s Fair!


All Of The Info!

Here are All (okay, most of) The Things you’ll need to know to enjoy your time at GKE: Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Convention!

The Hotel

GKE is located at the Radisson on 21 Kingsbridge Road in Piscataway, NJ.

The overflow hotel is the Embassy Suites, which is literally one parking lot over!

The event opens at 5pm on Friday, November 7thst and ends and 5pm on Sunday, November 9th.

If you have not already registered for this event, we apologize but registration and membership transfers are now closed and you cannot purchase memberships at the door.

Event check-in hours:

Friday: noon-10 pm (possibly later if it’s busy)
Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 9am – 1pm

The schedule!

Here’s the online, interactive schedule via for last year. You can create an account to keep track of the classes and events you want to go to, read bios and class descriptions, get updates on classes/events you sign up for, and more!

For those of you who’re more in the Luddite line of geekery, here is the b/w grid schedule that will also be available in print at the event: GKE2013ScheduleFinal

Rules & Harassment Policy

And behold! A link to our rules! And hark! Another link to our Harassment Policy!

2013′s Schedule!


Behold!  Last year’s schedule!  This is a great preview of what’s in store for you in the coming year!  Take a look – you can see the whole thing at via this snazzy piece of sofware we use,  Check it out:!

For more information about the geektacular sexiness of using for this year’s schedule (including mobile app, tie-in to Guidebook, hooking up to your iCal/Outlook/Google, and so much more) check out the fetlife announcement post.

Behold…the schedule! Well, the rough draft that is almost done!

We wanted to give you a taste of what delightful things you have in store, so we decided to put this up as soon as we could. Soon it will be prettied, polished, and perfected…but for now, we give you the rough draft of the GKE Classic Schedule!


We’re doing the Happy Dance and hope you are, too!
Image courtesy of the ever-entertaining